How To Develop iOS Apps On Windows [Easy Ways]

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Develop iOS App on Windows

Ever thought about making an iOS mobile app for Windows?

The answer is likely to be a resounding NO However, times have changed, so let’s discover how to build an iOS app for Windows. The primary obstacle that prevents you back from iOS app development on windows was Xcode which that is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create and build an iOS application.

Xcode contains a quick editor, interface builder, and other essential tools for uploading your app to the store. Today, Xcode includes everything you require to create your own iOS application. There is one issue: it’s exclusive to Mac OS X (now called Mac OS). Another problem is that you aren’t able to purchase any computer with Mac OS on it because, unlike Windows, Apple doesn’t let users license their OS to other manufacturers.

If you buy an OS X, you can get a license to run this OS using Apple hardware. This means that you can only create applications that can only run on Macs. Mac.

Ways to Develop an iOS App on Windows PC

1. Make iOS-based apps for Windows using Cross-Platform Tools

The cross-platform tools are fantastic They allow you to code your app once, then export your application for iOS or Android. It could cut your app’s development time and costs by one-third.

Certain cross-platform software tools allow users to build iOS applications using the Windows PC or allow you to build the application even in the event that there’s a Mac in your network.

One of the most common arguments against cross-platform app development tools is that they only provide access and support for hardware for smartphones and are not as “smart” as their counterparts.

Be aware that any tool that is cross-platform will require you to write specific code for each platform at a particular time, especially in the event that you require customized features.

2. Rent a Mac in the Cloud

An alternative to access OS X is to lease the Mac on the Cloud however, it can be more costly.

Services like Mac-inCloud and Mac-Stadium provide affordable rental-a-Mac services.

Connect to those cloud-based Macs through a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). Windows comes with a default Remote Desktop that you can access as do the majority of Linux OS. Once you’re logged into your account, you can download Xcode and your iOS app development services.

3 . Use Virtualbox and Install Mac OS on Your Windows PC

The fastest method of iOS app development on Windows is by using virtual machines. Virtual machines can create a virtual environment in which any operating system is able to run just like it’s running on the same hardware.

This feature is known as virtualization since it permits users to use Windows on Linux as well as Windows operating on OS X.

In order to use Mac OS on a virtual machine, you require two items:

  • The copy is OS X as a virtual image file or an installer.
  • Virtual Machine software tools such as VirtualBox as well as VMWare.

You can download a copy version of OS X by downloading it from the App Store. It is also possible to find installers from various sources on the web.

Be aware that running Mac OS on non-Apple hardware is in violation of the Apple End User License Agreement (EULA).

4. Use Unity3D

An extremely robust IDE, Unity, is most commonly referred to as an engine for developing games that is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and many more platforms.

However, its rapid development and impressive features make it an excellent option to build non-gaming apps.

Unity’s “Cloud Build” feature supports iOS app development on Windows in a couple of easy steps.

When you sign up with the iOS developer program Apple developer and register with the Unity cloud build, it is simple to create, set up and create iOS projects.

With a cost-free editor to develop and distribute it is possible to create an iOS-based app on Windows.

All you need is a Mac to run the program!

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5. In React Native Environment

React Native is an open-source cross-platform tool built on Javascript that is widely utilized for iOS app development on Windows.

It is a tool with many unique features as well as a simple learning curve, which makes it a favorite tool for iOS developers.

By using the android emulator, and creating Mac OS deployment machines, creating an iOS app development on Windows is feasible.

To check the output, utilize the Expo simulator accessible on both Android as well as iOS.

6. Code using the Swift Sandbox

Swift is an open-source programming language which means that it is possible to run it on any type of hardware.

Swift is an open-source programming language meaning that you are able to use it on any device.

In addition, you could use it with your browser, when the language has been ported from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

It is possible to learn Swift and program with it without the need for the aid of a Mac or XCode XCode, through the use of Swift Sandbox.

After you have run an application in Swift Sandbox, it will forward the code to the web server. The web server will compile your code and then return the result.

You can also use it with your browser, in the event that the language is portable from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

7. Build Your Own “Hackintosh”

The best choice for iOS app development tools for the Windows PC could be to run OS X on a Windows PC.

Apple users have always been enthralled by the user experience that is integrated design, interconnectivity, and design that the tech giant has made available.

A Hackintosh is a type of computer that runs Mac OS. It’s similar to installing OS X in a Virtual machine similarly there is the option of installing OS X as a bootable OS onto your computer.

8. With the Hybrid Framework, Xamarin

An alternative that is less expensive than Cloud Mac, hybrid frameworks offer a cost-effective alternative or iOS development for Windows.

Xamarin is a preferred choice for most developers, and they claim it delivers native-quality output.

It makes use of C# for coding. It’s a robust platform that lets you create iOS applications and then deploy apps to iOS devices using Windows.

There is only one thing that you can’t do with Windows and requires a Mac to submit an application for the App Store.


If you’ve been thinking of developing on iOS and the lack of the Mac OS was hindering you and you’re looking for alternatives, these are the perfect solution. While these may be more complicated than directly creating on Mac, they’re proven and tested by developers worldwide.

At the end of the day, iOS app development is an exercise in familiarizing yourself with Xcode. Once you’re confident you can create your app using the tools listed above which will allow you to begin on the right track.

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