What You Need To Know To Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

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What You Need To Know To Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers
What You Need To Know To Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

Node JS is widely used by millions of web development projects worldwide, ranging from front and back end to mobile apps that are user-centric for phones, tablets, and desktops. This open-source platform is one of the fastest-growing platforms that exist today.

Organizations increasingly use this platform for various reasons, such as exploring new API services, facilitating complex IoT devices, chatbot development, and real-time collaboration tools.

In their most recent Developer Survey 2021, Stack Overflow revealed that Node JS is the sixth most popular technology, with 36.19% of professional developers regularly using it. These numbers may seem large and impressive, but companies need help with many difficulties in hiring Node JS developers who can meet their software development needs exactly. However, they may have made the wrong choice or need qualified developers in the first place.

But do not worry; this POST gives you all the information you need to select correctly. To begin with, there are insights about what skills to look out for before you approach such developers, why you should hire dedicated Node JS developers, and so on. However, before plunging into such depths, let us better understand their roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of Node JS Developers

Roles and Responsibilities of Node JS Developers
Roles and Responsibilities of Node JS Developers

Node JS professionals are responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining network applications. They are heavily involved in building UIs and coding for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. They ensure they stick to the following duties when developing a Node JS mobile app development project.

  • Accelerate and maintain the interoperability between users and servers.
  • Develop & maintain all server-side logic/ network components and ensure optimal performance of the central database.
  • Practice dedication, high responsiveness to front-end requests, and solve database queries on a priority basis.
  • Implement security standards and data protection measures required to pinpoint app vulnerabilities.
  • Develop detailed reports and analytics that assist in the whole software development lifecycle.
  • Create customer-oriented interfaces as well as backend services to support multiple business processes.
  • Together with front-end developers, integrate differently smoothly.
  • Writing clear, reusable, testable code is how you design performant web & mobile apps.
  • Performed diagnostic tests(automated &manual), fixed errors, and provided end-to-end technical assistance.
  • Make suggestions concerning software development process improvements or technology updates.)

Key Prerequisites to Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers

After knowing the Node JS developer roles and responsibilities, let’s consider the best hiring skills. Those are the important skills that an elite developer should have and develop over time.

Programming Fundamentals

It is essential to look for experts in Node JS who know everything about it and the V8 engine. For example, check whether they understand ES6 and its variations. They must gain practical programming experience in languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript.


Node JS, app development projects, could have overlooked RESTful APIs. They make software components work effectively together by ensuring smooth communication between them. So when hiring developers, ensure they have good knowledge of working with RESTful API.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools

To launch a successful project, you must Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers who are well-versed in popular APM technologies. They should have a good command over open-source platforms like the ELK Stack, Grafana, and Prometheus to avoid memory leaks and performance downtimes alongside eliminating all potential app vulnerabilities.

Front-end Technology Stack

To add to the above point, I think it’s also important for your programmers to know about front-end technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, and SASS. Additionally, ask if their experience includes AJAX regarding web development methodologies. Besides that, they should also have skills in front-end frameworks like angular and vue, plus libraries such as react and jQuery, which are popular among most developers.

Testing Node JS apps

To test Node JS applications, using test runners and frameworks such as Mocha, Chai, and Ava would be ideal to evaluate an individual or team’s expertise. Evaluate whether they understood the behavior-driven development (BDD) process they used, followed by tests run on past failures and new tests.

Alternative Package Managers

You must find out if your developer understands npm — the default package manager for Node JS — well enough. Last, do they know anything about other package managers like Yarn? Remember to get their insights about open-source packages while they use particular package managers.

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Tools

Regardless of whether it is a small, medium, or large-scale project, you will need specific ORM tools to enable mapping between objects and relational databases. Therefore, it calls for employing Node JS developers with experience in well-documented ORM platforms like MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Cloud Platforms

When looking for Node JS developers, hire candidates with previous work experience in the most common cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, and Netlify. By all means, should this exposure be useful in expanding their knowledge on matters concerning databases, analytics, servers, software intelligence, networking

Template Designs

Choose programmers who have worked around the topmost Node JS template engines such as Handlebars and Marko. Among other things, they must be able to create minimal code HTML templates. Moreover, add-on if one knows different types of template engines available like Swig, Mustache, Pug, Nunjucks, etc.

Third-party Technologies

A good understanding of third-party middleware like Passport is an added advantage when hiring a Node JS developer to simplify the authentication and authorization process. Besides this, the overall app development function is also supported by a strong command of connecting frameworks and libraries such as Express.JS and Socket. IO.

Benefits of Hiring Node JS Developers

Benefits of Hiring Node JS Developers
Benefits of Hiring Node JS Developers

A server-side web application writing and backend functioning framework is Node JS. Its usage of the same programming language for both the front-end and back-end of applications gives it an advantage over other languages in that it requires less files and code to be developed. Because your team simply needs to write and deploy one codebase, it is faster to build and easy for users to use. Because developers can work on both sides of the app, fewer people and development hours are needed, which is very helpful for startups with limited resources. There are, nevertheless, additional advantages.

Faster Time-to-Market

In the early months of a startup, time is of the importance because small teams and tight finances have to consistently iterate, test, deploy, and deliver products quickly. Luckily, Node JS’s lightweight design, which reduces development time without sacrificing functionality, can aid in reducing time-to-market.

An idea may be turned into a product very quickly with Node JS. Moreover, Node JS offers a straightforward deployment procedure that enables immediate feedback.

MVP Support

Given the constraints of time and money, it is critical to evaluate an idea’s potential as a product as soon as possible and at a reasonable cost. By doing this, the excessive expense of product development will be avoided.

It is crucial that you go cautiously forward. Developers can quickly produce a minimal viable product (MVP) with Node JS. A software that functions and has one standout feature that draws in and keeps early users is called an MVP. Creating an MVP is the initial stage in creating a complete application.

Easy Learning Curve

There is not much of a learning curve for Node JS. Coding in Node JS is reasonably simple once the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming and JavaScript are grasped, making it a good place for beginners to start.

But understanding the client-server concept and Node’s asynchronous flow can be difficult. Thankfully, there are lots of engaging courses, interactive tutorials, and GitHub examples available to make learning more fun.

Highly Scalable

Node JS scales well, making it an excellent foundation for startups aiming for long-term growth. With Node JS, startups in this field may create scalable, light-weight systems that can be enhanced and expanded endlessly over time. Although it can manage numerous concurrent connections, Node JS is scalable. Its load balancing function, which allows its programmes to scale both horizontally and vertically, makes this possible.

Node JS microservice architectures will prove beneficial in the future for applications that require scalability and growth. Any functionality and size can be achieved by a microservice without any assistance from other components.

High-Performance Software

Node JS is renowned for offering a high-performance runtime along with an amazing development experience. Its novel use of the event loop allows several HTTP requests to be handled by a single thread. Non-blocking I/O operations are now simple to carry out.

Node JS is getting better all the time, and even while some businesses might not be using it to its fullest capacity, problems are usually solved with more tools and knowledge. Developers can find tools from the Node JS Diagnostics Working Group to address performance problems, while NearForm makes the optimisation process easier using Clinic.JS.

Why Hire Node JS Developers from Shiv Technolabs

You can Hire Node JS Experts and start your app development project immediately by partnering with Shiv Technolabs. We are a Node JS app development company with the best software engineers and app architects known for providing value-driven services to make your business agile and scalable. Personalized solutions, UI/UX design, CMS development, web portal development, migration & upgradation of the mobile app- our experts are never ready to compromise on quality.

We help you build the best Android and iOS applications that reflect your brand identity using our ten years of experience and practical technical knowledge. Our Node JS consultants help us remain relevant in such changing times, thus delivering the best. The most excellent industry standards and security measures back our software development processes.

By hiring certified Node JS developers from Shiv Technolabs, you get exposed to the following:

  • Dedicated development team and experienced project manager for your project.
  • Whole process consultation from app ideation to post-launch support.
  • All-inclusive QA testing approach for publishing error-free Node JS applications on respective platforms.
  • Effective communication implies regular demos, daily standups, and instant reporting.
  • Budget-friendly Node JS development services with flexible hiring and pricing models.
  • Individual account manager sharing project status and solving queries.
  • Source code protection as well as complete confidentiality assurance.
  • Agile software development methodology for faster and better app building.


By choosing Node JS, you can develop cross-platform applications and have a competitive advantage that will accelerate your digital transformation journey. Many startups, SMEs, and giant enterprises already use this technology to achieve their tech objectives and perfect their communication strategies.

Also, consider employing Node JS developers who will enable you to launch groundbreaking apps while expanding your footprint globally. However, find a reputable software development company that suits your ever-changing needs.



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